Handwoven Linen Collection. Fall/Winter 2012

Fine handwoven 100% flax linen fabrics are rare and hardly available in retail anywhere. A chance encounter with this amazing fabric set me off on a search which took me to an old weaving facility. They have perfectly working vintage hand operated looms and a bunch of artisan weavers who could hand weave gossamer thin muslins and these fine linens. Fall/Winter 2012 collection of handwoven linens from this artisans is a sight to behold. Colors in the current collection is inspired by the now discontinued DMC linen floss series. Flax for producing the yarn for this fabric comes all the way from Belgium and is water spun in India by a nearly 100 year old heritage spinning facility.

Inspired by the DMC Linen Floss Series.
Fall / Winter 2012. AnneGeorgeDesign for FabricTreasury.

Master Weaver Setting the Loom

Master Weaver Setting the Loom
100% HAND MADE! Handwoven on Vintage Looms. Made in very limited quantities and rarely in this color and weight suitable for dresses and tops. Perfect for sewing a heirloom piece…

Weavers trusted with weaving this precious linen fabric are traditional artisans who have been into this craft for generations. A good idea too, since hand weaving a fine fabric with linen yarn is no mean job! The ease with which they turn the tough linen yarn into this beautiful fabric is wonderful to watch.  A master weaver helps set the loom with new yarn and then hovers around, always at hand to help when the threads break or if the younger generation weavers needed any help setting the warp right.  This fabric collection now on sale exclusively at Fabrictreasury is in  a very fine dress weight with a good drape.

That is Old Rose in the making.
AnneGeorgeDesign Fall/Winter 2012.

About Anne George

I am fascinated by fabrics - the whole story of how plants and other natural products is turned into lustrous yarn and the skill of a hand weaver to turn the yarn into beautiful ethereal fabrics. I also have a fabric shop on here www.fabrictreasury.com where I feature hand woven, natural fabrics.
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      Dear Cream Bunny and Beige Bunny,

      Thank you for peeking into my blog too 🙂 I have gone in and followed thetwolittlebunnies.wordpress.com and should be able to see your future posts.

      Have a great day ahead!

      Regards, Anne

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