Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey – VINTAGE MEMORIES Palette

Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey is beautiful inside out. Silk yarn for this fabric is produced through a patented process which does not harm silk worms. Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey is made only from cocoons discarded after the silk moth has naturally emerged. Yarn is spun from these cocoons and thereafter machine knitted into this lovely fabric. Silk retrieved through this process is not as lustruous as the traditionally made ones, but it more than compensates with its alternative style appeal. With a smooth texture and wonderful drape, this fabric is suitable for fine fashions.

Discover Ahimsa Silk Jersey Knits in VINTAGE MEMORIES palette at FabricTreasury. Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey fabrics at FabricTreasury is 100% silk. It does not contain viscose or other fibers.


About Anne George

I am fascinated by fabrics - the whole story of how plants and other natural products is turned into lustrous yarn and the skill of a hand weaver to turn the yarn into beautiful ethereal fabrics. I also have a fabric shop on here www.fabrictreasury.com where I feature hand woven, natural fabrics.
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2 Responses to Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey – VINTAGE MEMORIES Palette

  1. Sandy Harper says:

    Hi Anne,
    I am starting a business, EcoArt Living, where we screen and eco-print natural organic fibers.
    So, I am in need of a wholesale supplier and I was wondering if that is a service you can provide?
    I know you wholesale some of the items I would need but not all, like the ahimsa silk jersey (unbleached), organic cotton terry and organic cotton duck cloth (unbleached). Would these items be available to purchase wholesale in bolts?

    Thanks so much,

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