My Little Journals

Anne's JournalLittle journals have been a part of my life’s journey for a long time now.  They hold my scribblings, caricatures, folk art, quotes, thoughts and poems and just about anything I pick up from here and there… This page here is from a rainy afternoon in 2013… A new collection of prints had been playing in my mind and it just wouldn’t come together. So there I was, staring at these 2 pages of doodles and many others, hoping for that moment of epiphany….

About Anne George

I am fascinated by fabrics - the whole story of how plants and other natural products is turned into lustrous yarn and the skill of a hand weaver to turn the yarn into beautiful ethereal fabrics. I also have a fabric shop on here where I feature hand woven, natural fabrics.
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1 Response to My Little Journals

  1. Mady says:

    Hi Anne,

    Lovely little journal you have here… I am having a hard time to decide which fabrics I will order from you soon.

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