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I am fascinated by fabrics - the whole story of how plants and other natural products is turned into lustrous yarn and the skill of a hand weaver to turn the yarn into beautiful ethereal fabrics. I also have a fabric shop on here where I feature hand woven, natural fabrics.

Buckthorn leaves

Look what is going straight into the dye pot this weekend! Buckthorn leaves from Belgium. 

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I am always collecting leaves

Heavy rains in Bangalore has brought down many tall trees. I brought home some leaves from a eucalyptus that had fallen on to the road near Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Appa was my helper today 😘

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3 young teak leaves send their love  

3 young teak leaves send their love   Meringue Silk left in henna bath for 3 days. Leaves soaked in coconut vinegar bath, bundled and steamed for 2 hours. A cotton blanket soaked in coconut vinegar bath brought out that delicious … Continue reading

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Ecoprinting back home after my workshop with Irit Dulman

A piece of Nubuck Silk and a piece of felted Leh Wool knit….bundled with Euca leaves and buds…slowly, I am beginning to practice my lessons in ecoprint from my guru Irit Dulman.

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Alkanet for Greys and Lavenders – Alkanna Tinctoria / Dyer’s Bugloss

Alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria) is a plant of the Borage family and is also known as Batschia Canescens and Dyer’s Bugloss. It is a flowering plant and produces blue flowers. However, it is the roots that contains Alkannin, the dye we … Continue reading

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My Little Journals

Little journals have been a part of my life’s journey for a long time now.  They hold my scribblings, caricatures, folk art, quotes, thoughts and poems and just about anything I pick up from here and there… This page here is … Continue reading

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INDIGO – The color of Ancients.

INDIGO – The color of ancients. Photographed by Zac Chungath Indigo is an ancient dye and can be traced back to as far as 5000 BC. It is an integral part of the dyeing traditions in India, which is believed … Continue reading

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Some Summer Ice for me.

Summer is beating down with a vengeance and I squirreled away some of the Summer Ice linen fabrics for my summer dress projects. So I made dresses in 2 colors – pink and blue. Styled to fall slightly away from … Continue reading

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Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey – VINTAGE MEMORIES Palette

Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey is beautiful inside out. Silk yarn for this fabric is produced through a patented process which does not harm silk worms. Ahimsa Silk Knit Jersey is made only from cocoons discarded after the silk moth has naturally emerged. Yarn … Continue reading

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Menchijimi or Cotton Crepe

Menchijimi or cotton crepe is a divine fabric for summer fashions and decor. The shibos (crinkled effect) in cotton crepe is created by weaving high twist yarns in 20s – 100s. As the thread count goes higher, shibos get finer. … Continue reading

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